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About Us

The CPR And Safety Training Team is based in Costa Mesa, Orange County, CA.

As part of our mission to encourage everyday safety and emergency preparedness, we focus on training the American Heart Association (AHA) disciplines of Basic Life Support  (BLS), and Heartsaver CPR AED, Heartsaver First Aid, Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid CPR AED and Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED. These disciplines have two-year certifications. 

We encourage anyone who works with children, as well as licensed child care providers, who are required to be certified in this discipline to take Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid CPR AED, which includes the state required asthma training as well as sections on how to handle "mandatory reporting".

We are dedicated to increasing your safety, your family's safety and your neighborhood's safety by helping everyone possible learn what to do in an emergency and how to keep some emergencies from happening by using safe prevention practices.

Our low student to trainer ratio assures every student the personal attention that will help them succeed.

To promote quality skill and knowledge retention, the AHA requires all students have access to the appropriate student textbooks before, during and after the class unless they are using an Online Learning component in which the information is on the internet. Our listed prices include all books and materials.

We offer this AHA training on weekdays, but, because people are so busy, we also offer classes on evenings and Saturdays depending on trainer schedules. We encourage groups to come train together, because it is more fun to train with your friends. 

For very busy people, the Blended Learning of online classes (Heartsaver First Aid Online, Heartsaver CPR AED Online, Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED Online and HeartCode BLS Online) offer the convenience of doing your book and written work online by yourself and then doing the hands-on skills practices and tests with one of our trainers in a short test out class specifically for this purpose.

When you think of the AHA disciplines of Basic Life Support, Heartsaver CPR AED, Heartsaver First Aid, and Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED, you can choose whether it is easier to take one of the scheduled public classes or request a Blended Learning test out session by appointment to meet your need.

The founding members of this team were originally trained by the city of Costa Mesa to teach CPR as part of a neighborhood preparedness program. The city discontinued funding the CPR training and the team members have continued on their own so that inexpensive CPR training can be available. Team members may also volunteer for the city, but this AHA training is not sponsored by the city in any way.

The CPR And Safety Training Team members want to make it as easy as possible for you to 




Helen McCracken RDH, MS
The CPR Lady Training Center
               Luanne, Bill, Diane, Janet, Paul

The CPR AND SAFETY TRAINING TEAM (CASTT) has the following mission statement: 

To improve community safety by training individuals to be better able to respond to emergencies.

The members of CASTT are all certified American Heart Association Instructors. They also share a history of years of volunteer work in safety and preparedness organizing and training, and as members of the Costa Mesa Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). At the request of the City of Costa Mesa, they were instrumental in developing a successful neighborhood disaster response program, now called the Neighborhood Safety and Preparedness Program (NSPP), which included teaching CPR to the participants.

In addition to the training qualifications maintained by the whole team, individual members bring specialized skills to enhance the quality of training. For instance, one is a certified Emergency Medical Technician. Others have had life-long experience as teachers and trainers in many disciplines. Together they are dedicated to making sure each student is prepared to help save the lives of their family, their neighbors and the public they serve.

Because they feel very strongly that as many people as possible should learn these lifesaving skills, they offer American Heart Association courses as economically as possible. They invite you to tell your family, friends and neighbors CASTT would be happy to teach them as well.