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Online Course Access Details

 Detailed instructions on how to register and access the course are as follows:


1. Log onto www.onlineAHA.org

2. Click “register” and provide the requested information

3. Once you have registered, you will be taken to the “My Courses” page; click “Activate a Key”

4. Enter your 12-digit “Course Key” (You will only be required to enter this key one time)

5. Click the box next to “I agree to the terms and conditions”

6. Click “Activate”


Within the checkpoints, please read through the questions and possible answers carefully before answering. If you answer incorrectly within a checkpoint, the system will take you back to the beginning of the scenario and you will need to start over. If you are unsure of an answer, select REVIEW, then answer the question. You do NOT need to finish the entire course in a single sitting. Each completed exercise will be recorded and remembered the next time you log into the course with your email and password created during the registration process. After you have finished all the checkpoints, you will be able to access the AHA multiple choice test which completes the online portion of the course.


You must pass the test with a score of 84% or better. Please complete the AHA multiple choice test in a single sitting, making sure all questions have been answered and only click on each answer once. If you fail Version A test, you will be given access to Version B test. After completing the test and evaluation, you will be able to print your Certificate of Completion and email it to us or call or email us the SCI #, Name and Date on the certificate so we can verify it. If you did not email us the Certificate of Completion, we will need you to bring it when you come for your review and hands-on skills test.  After successful completion of both the online component and the skills test, a BLS HCP course card will be issued.


Please note: You must schedule and complete your Skills Test within 60 days upon completion of the online component of the course. For review or reference, you will have online access to the course material for up to 12 months after completion of the test; simply log onto www.onlineAHA.org and enter your email and password for entry.


If you need technical assistance, please contact techsupport@cardioconcepts.com or call 1-888-AHA-8883 (1-888-242-8883) 9am-5pm EST Monday-Friday. For all other inquiries, please contact Customer Service directly at 888-322-8350.